How Can You Help?






The single most powerful thing you can do is to sign on to social media and share photos/videos from local shelters and rescues. There are animal rescue sites on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat.

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1) Donate

Shelters and rescues always need supplies. Blankets, towels and newspapers are donations that are always needed. A donation of even $25 to a rescue helps! You can also donate cat toys and dog beds. During kitten season (starting late March) shelters and rescues also need kitten formula. You can find a local rescue or shelter in your area and check their web site for more info.

2) Engage

Share photos and videos on social media. If you share just one photo every two weeks – it will make a difference and save a life.

3) Spay/Neuter

We have enough dogs and cats without making more. Make sure your pets are spayed or neutered, and encourage your friends to do the same. Discourage anyone from breeding their dogs or cats. There are enough animals in the shelters and rescues.

4) Adopt, Don’t Shop

Adopt, don’t buy a pet. If you want a purebred dog or cat, there are rescues in every area of the united states for all the breeds. You can also find beautiful puppies and kittens at local shelters and rescues. Never buy a pet from craiglists and never post a “free” animal on craiglist. People seeking “bait dogs” (dogs used to train fighting dogs) get them from “free to good home” ads on craigslist. Adopt your pet from a local rescue or shelter.

5) Microchip

Vet offices, shelters and rescues can scan pets for these chips so if your animal is ever lost or stolen, we can return them to you. Emergencies like earthquakes and storms can leave your pet vulnerable, so you want a way to find them again. Microchipping can be done for as little as $12. We don’t want the local city shelters full of dogs/cats with homes – the faster we can reunite dogs with their homes, the more we can have empty cages for unwanted/unhomed animals.

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